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We provide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan templates to help you protect your business

Looking for a disaster recovery and business continuity plan that really works? Are you confused by the various requirements and safeguards that need to be put in place to ensure your business’ continuity and continued success? For an easy-to-use tool that helps you set up an in-depth and successful business continuity plan, choose Express BCP.

Crafting a disaster recovery plan that actually ensures business continuity can be a complicated and time-consuming process – Express BCP takes care of all the hassle and provides you with a simple, effective business continuity plan template that will put your mind at ease and provide an ongoing safety net for your business. disaster recovery

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Express BCP™ - Business Continuity Plan  disaster recovery

Is your business one of the many that know they need a Business Continuity Plan, but have never had the resources or expertise to create one?

Do you already have a business continuity plan? Perhaps it's out of date and you're not sure it contains the right information?

Are you short on time and need to create a detailed and professional BCP quickly?

Our Business Continuity Plan Template,  Express BCP™, is your answer - step by careful step, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, and page by page, our template empowers you to plan for any crisis that your business suffers.

You will enjoy that our Business Continuity Plan Template is designed in a logical and flowing manner, with the plan containing Six parts that provide easy navigation, making it simple to maintain your BCP as your business changes over time. more>>

Express BCP is packed full of handy samples, text, diagrams, checklists, and clear definitions.  This is not just an outline of a disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan;  Express BCPenables you to quickly create a detailed BCP that is ready for any exercise, test, or audit!

You don't need to be a professional or certified business continuity planner, like all of our template authors, and you don't need to spend weeks learning an expensive and complicated software package.

If you know how to use Microsoft Word® , you already know how to use this powerful business continuity planning tool.

We can provide you the tool and expert support you need to produce your BCP - read on to find out even more, and you can also download a few sample pages. more>>

You Can Trust Certified Business Continuity Vendors - DRII

Disaster Recovery Services Pty is pleased to be the first, and only, disaster recovery and business continuity plan template provider to gain Vendor Certification (CPCV) from Disaster Recovery Institute - International.

When choosing contingency planning services, templates and tools insist that they are provided by Certified Business Continuity Professionals. There is no better way to find service providers that understand your contingency planning needs.Certified Business Continuity Vendor

Disaster Recovery Institute – International maintains the only business-to-business directory dedicated to listing vendors who understand the professional practice of business continuity planning.

Each certified vendor has been in the industry as planners, service providers or consultants for years. They are dedicated to advancing business continuity through professional certification.

Business Continuity Management Policy and Guide

We've made it even easier to manage your entire business continuity program.

Each of our templates now includes a complimentary Business Continuity Management Policy and Guide.

The main objective of this guide is to assist our clients define and document all of the processes, procedures and guidelines that should be implemented and maintained in order to achieve suitable levels of resilience and recoverability for any organization.

Business Continuity Management Process

Figure - Business Continuity Management Process

The Guide provides a means of standardizing and prioritizing compliance to business continuity and disaster recovery principles and best practices in order to deliver continuity processes that are fit for purpose.

Sound Business Continuity Management programs are designed to:-

  • Prevent or reduce the likelihood of unscheduled disruptions to business functions / services, via the implementation of practical levels of protection and redundancy.

  • Provide the information, procedures, processes and resources required to achieve the recovery of critical business functions to alternate premises within predefined timeframes.

The guide covers the following key business continuity management principles:-

  • Business Continuity Management Structure

  • Business Impact Analysis

  • Threat and Risk Assessment

  • Response Strategy Development

  • Plan Development for Chosen Strategy

  • Exercise and Testing Plans

  • Auditing and Maintaining Plans

The guide also includes a handy sample Business Continuity Management Policy. more>>

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Understanding the Business Impact Analysis Process

Business Impact Analyses (BIA's) should be conducted on all business units within your organization. These analyses will determine the level of continuity planning that is required by each units business functions, as well as define the period of time after which outages of the business process become unacceptable.

The BIA will provide the cost / impact justification necessary to support the implementation of the various continuity strategies options. more>>

Conducting a Threat and Risk Assessment

Potential areas of risk are to be identified as a component of their business continuity programs. All organizations should conduct formal threat and risk assessments of both Physical and Operational Risks on an on-going basis.

Once identified, potential risk points should be assessed for either mitigation or acceptance. Acceptance of risk points should only ever occur at the Senior Executive level. more>>

Developing Disaster Recovery Strategies

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategies should be developed which reflect the requirements identified in the BIA’s. Strategies should be reviewed on an on-going basis to ensure that they continue to remain effective in light of changing business requirements. more>>

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Development

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans should be developed, documented and maintained to ensure that business continuity strategies can be readily actioned. The plans should enable the resumption of critical business processes at alternate locations within agreed time periods. more>>

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Exercising

Ongoing testing of continuity capability should be carried out in order to prove your disaster recovery plans overall fitness for purpose as defined by the BIA process, as well as to identify errors and issues with existing plans, documentation, and procedures.

Your recovery and business continuity capability should be maintained in a constant state of readiness so as to provide the best possible means of recovering from a catastrophic incident affecting any of your organisations locations or business critical processes. more>>






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